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5 Minutes With Karla L. Anderson

Welcome to the new "5 Minutes Podcast" on St. Clair Shores Patch and St. Clair Shores Radio. This new series will feature 5 minute audio interviews with interesting people from in and around the city of St. Clair Shores.

On this inaugural edition of the podcast, my guest is Karla L. Anderson, the President of South Lake Schools Board of Education. (Full disclosure: Mrs. Anderson is my mom.)

Topics discussed include what's new at South Lake this school year, a new millage proposal from the Macomb Intermediate School District, and reflections on her lost campaign for Mayor of St. Clair Shores.

If you would like to be a guest featured on an upcoming edition of "5 Minutes" e-mail [email protected].

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New Partnership / Podcast Series With Patch!

Hello Everybody!

After a very long hiatus the time has come to return. This time, I return with some exciting news. St. Clair Shores Radio is partnering up with SCS Patch! What is Patch? It's a local news website created by AOL to provide local content to readers.

What will I be doing? What I've always done, audio podcasts!

The current plan is to create a new series of podcasts for Patch. We're calling this podcast series, "5 Minutes." The focus will be interviewing interesting people from in and around the city of St. Clair Shores for approximately 5 minutes regarding whatever makes them worth talking to.

In addition to posting the podcasts on Patch, I'll also be posting them here for your listening pleasure. On occasion I'll also post extended versions of the 5 minute interviews here. This new series will take the place of the St. Clair Shores Radio podcast since this new podcast will be my focus after any regular work commitments.

I'm excited about this new opportunity, and hope you will come to enjoy it as much as the previous St. Clair Shores Radio podcast series.

The first "5 Minutes" podcast should be out later this week and I've get several more in the works. If you're interested in being interviewed on a future podcast, send me an email for consideration.

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Show 23 - From The Island


From Harsen's Island it's show 23 of St. Clair Shores Radio. It's our first show back in a long time. Hopefully now that things are done at Oakland University we'll be doing shows more regularly. Hopefully at least two a month.

Show Notes - Show 23
Local News:
St. Clair Shores has a new police chief, Fisher Dynamics comes to the city, and the Fireworks return on June 25th.

Song: Brother Love - "Summertime"

Intervew: Mayor Pro-Tem Dave Rubello calls in to discuss the latest happenings on City Council. We last spoke with Dave over 3 years ago when he was running for council.

Song: Marc Doiron - "Living For The Moment"

Interview: Resident Justin Martin tells us how Miss and Miss Teen St. Clair Shores fared in the Miss Michigan Pageant over the weekend in Muskegon.

Song: Robo Robb - "Footwork"

Direct download: scsradio-show23.mp3
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Returning June 21st!

Hi Everyone!

St. Clair Shores Radio returns to the interwebs on June 21st! 

Tell your friends!

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Returning This Month!

Hi Everybody!

I just wrapped up hosting my final college radio show (The Erik Anderson Program) on WXOU yesterday. Therefore, it's time to announce my return to the world of Podcasting.

St. Clair Shores Radio will be returning later this month as soon as I can get something recorded and posted.

In the meantime you can checkout previous episodes from the past few years. I'll tell you, my voice sounds a little bit different if you listen to tapes from then and now. You can also checkout some podcasts from my college radio show which are available here.

I'd like to hear what you want me to cover on the show. Leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail.

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Hi All!

Awhile ago I told you that I had lost the rights to But guess what? That person forgot to renew the domain so I purchased it back! (WOO HOO!).

After a LONG hiatus, St. Clair Shores Radio will be returning sometime this summer. Stay tuned to this website for further details!

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Show 22 - Back Again
Back by popular demand! From Studio One, It's Show 22 of St. Clair Shores Radio! 2 years later, I'm attempting to revive the show.

Notes From The Show
In local news: A paperbag robber strikes twice, the St. Clair Shores Fireworks return, and a Pizza Company starts delivering to boaters.

Also, updates on local upcoming events, and updates on what I've been doing over the last two years.

Dominic Ferguson - Funkadellic
Shemey - Summer In The Fly
Mojomamma - Driving
Matthew Ebel - Drive Away

All songs from unless noted
Direct download: SCSRadio-Show22.mp3
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Returning Soon / New Domain Name!
Hi Everyone!

I am happy to announce after an unofficial 10 month hiatus, I will be returning to St. Clair Shores Radio.

For the past 10 months, I have been focusing on doing my LIVE WXOU Radio Show, which in case you haven't tuned in, can be heard Mondays from 11am to 1pm on WXOU.ORG. I've also spent time hosting a Monthly TV Show for Oakland University's Cable Station OUTV.

Despite hosting a live weekly radio show, and a Monthly TV Show, I have missed hosting shows from "Studio One" in the basement of my house.

At this time, I don't want to commit to doing to many shows to avoid future hiatuses. However, I feel that I should be able to complete 1 new episode of St. Clair Shores Radio per month.

If you're a regular listener to St. Clair Shores Radio, you may have noticed that the old website ( no longer works. It's a long story which i'll discuss on my next show.

Please update your bookmarks to include the new home for St. Clair Shores Radio on the web:

The domain has been purchased, and should be up and running in the next day or so.

Thanks again for your patence during the long hiatus, i'm looking forward to being back on your computer very soon.
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Spam Sucks!

That's why for the time being, i'll be moderating all posted comments.

Yes, I know it's been awhile since i've podcasted. You can always listen to "The Erik Anderson Program" LIVE on WXOU 88.3 FM or WXOU.ORG Thursday mornings at 10am if you're going through St. Clair Shores Radio withdrawals.

"The Erik Anderson Program" is my main focus right now. Consider it the new Flagship program of Kingstar Productions.

We'll get around to podcasting a new show one of these days. :)

Category:blog posts -- posted at: 7:46 PM

Show 21 - City Council Debate
Show 21 of St. Clair Shores Radio was recorded in front of a LIVE audience at South Lake High School.

On show 21, Erik Anderson, Special Guest Co-Host Paige Steen, and students from South Lake ask questions to the people running for St. Clair Shores City Council and Mayor.

Please note, some candidates were unable to attend the debate due to scheduling conflicts.

We encourage you to contact all of the candidates using the information below to learn more about them and to get involved with their campaigns.

Remember to VOTE on November 6th!

Lee Bertolo
Phone: 586-776-8811
Email: [email protected]

Jack Downey*
Phone: 586-779-3874
Email: [email protected]

Ron Frederick
Home: 586-776-9880
Cell: 586-808-3478
E-mail: [email protected]

Robert Hison*
Phone: 586-772-9027
Email: [email protected]

Nate Kaczmarek
Phone: 586- 873-0356
E-Mail: [email protected]

Beverly McFadyen*
Phone: 586-296-0864
Email: [email protected]

William Nearon*
Phone: 586-776-0128
Email: [email protected]

David Rubello
Phone: 586-489-8117
Email: [email protected]

* = Unable to attend St. Clair Shores Radio debate

Direct download: show21.mp3
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BREAKING NEWS for Fans of St. Clair Shores Radio.

The Erik Anderson Program premiers LIVE on 88.3FM WXOU (Oakland University) on Thursday Morning at 10am!

Tune in on campus on 88.3FM or online at WXOU.ORG.

In SCS Radio news, the art fair show fell through due to an emergency on their end, we'll catch them next year. Plans for the SCS Radio debate are being finalized hopefully in the next week or so. I'll announce the plans as soon as possible.
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Show 20 - Primary Results
From Studio One, it's show 20 of St. Clair Shores Radio!

Show Notes:
Erik goes over the results of the city of St. Clair Shores' City Council Primary Election. Candidates Ron Frederick and David Rubello call in to comment on making it through the Primary.

Tim Foley - "Whatever You Say"

Direct download: Show_20_-_Primary_Results.mp3
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Cross Promotion / Maverick Part One
I rarely talk about work on my podcast, but I thought this project was worth cross promoting.

My co-worker / buddy Rob went down to Cedar Point to cover their new roller coaster "Maverick". I didn't get to go, but I did get to edit the video packages.

This is part one of a five part series.;=7688

Hope you enjoy our work!

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Show 19 - Back Again!
Show 19 of St. Clair Shores Radio comes to you from Studio One.

It's good to be back in the chair, behind the mic again. Hopefully shows will start to be more regular. I hope to put shows together every two to three weeks while I am on Spring Break from school.

Show Notes: All music comes from the Podsafe Music Network unless noted.

Local News: School Election Results, Bomb Threats At Local Schools, and A City Employee Retires.

Song: Class Reunion - Todd Stephen

Interview Guest: Michael Morris from GunShy

Song: Dodgin' Bullets - GunShy

Song: Naked Under Leather - Rubber Band Banjo

Other News: A debate for City Council could happen later this year on the show, Kingstar Productions has a new website, and sponsorships for St. Clair Shores Radio are now available.

Song: Chance It - Roadside Zoo

Song: Hong Kong - Lemon Test
Direct download: Show19.mp3
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Vote Today!
Erik Anderson and St. Clair Shores Radio remind you to make sure to go out and vote today if your school district is holding an election.

Though I normally don't endorse candidates or take positions on issues, this time I will make an exception.

In the South Lake School District, I am endorsing Ellen Dunn and Vince Marino for School Board.

I also support voting YES on both South Lake Bond Proposals.

Category:blog posts -- posted at: 2:29 PM

New Show Coming Soon! (Honestly!)

It's been a while hasn't it?

I am starting to feel withdrawals from not doing shows and talking with you the listeners. I am making it my goal to have a finished show put together in the next week. If you have something that you think needs to be included in the next show, please let me know as soon as possible.

Also, for those who are interested, I am now are accepting offers from people who would be interested in sponsoring St. Clair Shores Radio. If you are interested, please e-mail me at [email protected].

All serious offers will be considered. There are several sponsorships available, including website ads and sponsorship positions during the show.

What does this mean for you the listener?

First, I feel that if someone sponsors the show, I will be more likely to devote a little more time to the show, including doing shows in a more regular time schedule.

Second, I want to be upfront and say that I am NOT looking to bombard you with ads. Especially for things that I don't think would be of interest to you. What I choose to do will be in the best interest of the show, and it's listeners.

I think 2007 could become an interesting year.

Stay Tuned!

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Hosting AMPed Again
Hi Everyone!

I realize there hasn't been a show in quite a long time. Sorry, I have been busy with work and school so I haven't had time to produce one. Anyone interested in Guest Hosting?

In other news, I am hosting AMPed (Show 69) this week. AMPed is the official music podcast of the Association of Music Podcasting. To hear the show visit or search for AMPed on iTunes.
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Hosting AMPed This Week
Hi Everyone!

I am hosting AMPed (Show 62) this week. AMPed is the official music podcast of the Association of Music Podcasting. To hear the show visit or search for AMPed on iTunes.

Also... go see the St. Clair Shores Players perform this weekend! They need as many people as possible to go see the show. (See Below)

There should be a new episode of St. Clair Shores Radio very soon!


SCS Players Info:
The St. Clair Shores Players will be performing their winter comedy show "The Second Time Around" this Friday (Feb 23) and Saturday (Feb 24) at the South Lake High School Auditorium. General Admission Tickets are available at the door, and prices are $10 for Adults, and $9 for Seniors, Children, and Students with ID. Doors open at 7:30pm and the curtain goes up at 8pm. For more information you can visit the players website at

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Show 18 - 2006 Review
From Studio One, it's Show 18 of St. Clair Shores Radio!

Joining me for the entire show is my best friend, and special guest co-host, Eric Hernandez. In Show 18, Eric and I review our favorite top 10 moments from 2006. The moments we chose are not really newsworthy, but more like stuff we enjoyed doing either together or separately in 2006.

Happy New Year!

Notes From Show 18:
All music comes from the Podsafe Music Network unless noted.

Tommy Brown - "Number 1"

Any Day In June - "It's Late"

Eric Deluca - "Shock and Awe"

Grown Folks - "Up In Michigan"

Tad Lathrop & Don Giller - "Little Sister"

Direct download: Show18.mp3
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Greetings From Erik
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from St. Clair Shores Radio!
Category:Videos -- posted at: 8:51 PM

To try to get a better feel for my audience, I have survey I would like you to take. It's only a couple of quick questions and should take less than 5 minutes to complete.

I installed a pop up on the site for the survey. If you didn't see the pop up, most likely you have pop ups blocked. You can either allow pop ups from this site or use the link below to take the survey.

Click here to take the survey.

Thanks for your time!
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Show 17 - Cameo Appearance
Show 17 of St. Clair Shores Radio comes to you (Finally) from Studio One.  This show, is a shorter one without much of the regular stuff.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Show Notes:
Erik makes a cameo appearance on John and Jim Radio in show 11.

Erik took a trip to New York City in October. Photos are online.

Music from Brother Love - "Summertime"

Erik Anderson TV is posted on YouTube. Do a search for "Erik Anderson TV" and the episodes should come up. These videos are a complete waste of your time, so proceed with caution.

Direct download: scsradio_show17.mp3
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Voicemail Line Fixed
Just realized I had forgotten to pay the bill for my Skype In line.

You can now start calling 586-630-3220 to leave a message for the show again.
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Show 16.5 - The Shortest Show So Far
Show 16.5 comes to you from Studio One.

Just a quick hello from Erik to get you updated on what's going on behind the scenes. (Not Much)

If you missed the Free Press Article on St. Clair Shores Radio, you can find it here.

Show Notes:

All songs are from the Podsafe Music Network unless noted.

Roadside Zoo - It's Just Begun

Direct download: show16_5.mp3
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Show 16 - The Free Press
Show 16 comes to you from Studio One.

Detroit Free Press Reporter Kim Shine and her Photograper Mary have come and gone, but the show I recorded while they were in studio is here!

The article they came to interview me for will appear in the June 16th (Sunday) issue of the Detroit Free Press.

Show Notes:
All songs are from the Podsafe Music Network unless noted.

Violent Years - Unfriendlys

Nothing Matters - JTX

Hot Rod Your Home - Mydols

The Beat Up Guitar - Tosters Not Torpedoes

Cotton Eyed - Briareus

Direct download: show16.mp3
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The Free Press Is Coming!
Hi Everyone!

Yes, it has been some time since I last posted a show.

But fear not! I should have something for you later today.

The Detroit Free Press is coming to the house for an interview this afternoon. I am told there will also be a photographer coming. The reporter wants to sit in while I am taping the show. (Should Be Fun)

Stay tuned!
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Show 16 Coming Soon!
Over a month in the making...

Show #16 of St. Clair Shores Radio should be taped and edited sometime this week.

JT from the band JTX calls in for an interview.

Tell Your Friends!

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Get Involved!
Hello Everyone!

Here's the deal:
I'm looking to start using more listener content on the show. I want to get you the listeners more involved in the show.

If you have something you think would be of interest to me and people who listen to the show, I want to see it!

If you don't have anything currently, but would be interested in contributing to the show, contact me immediately!

Obviously, whatever you send in will become property of the show, but i'll be sure to give you full credit for whatever you send in, and i'll be happy to plug your website if you like.

You can email me or call the voicemail line 24/7 (586-630-3220).

The more content I get, the more shows I can do!

The next show should be taped within another week or so, remember i'm still looking for "People In Your Neighborhood" stories for use in upcoming shows.

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Show 15 - Party Like A Rockstar
Go's my birthday...we're gonna party like it's my birthday!

Show 15 was supposed to be broadcast LIVE through but due to a number of issues it was instead recorded as a podcast from Studio One.

Show Notes:
All songs are from the Podshow Podsafe Music Network unless noted.

Amazing Grace - David Spak

Feelin Low - Nick Visger

Down Town - Tommy Brown

Funk In "A" - Pat Zelenka

I'm Gonna High Tail It Outta Here! - Donna Lee Holman and the Coastline Band

Party Like A Rockstar - JTXperience

On A Podcast - Cruisebox

Free Ride In A Cop Car - The Clintons

Direct download: show15.mp3
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No Live Show Tonight!
Thanks to the RIAA and DMCA there will be NO LIVE SHOW tonight.

There are too many rules and regulations for me to follow in order to broadcast a live show on the internet.

It's also not very easy to broadcast live and mix the show the way I want to with I had similar problems during my "Blogathon Radio" show.

Due to the above, and my WJR work schedule, I am quite tired. I don't feel like I could pull off a live show without it being a huge headache.

However, since I have already done some prep and have some music ready for the show, I will instead produce a new podcast tonight.

Look for it in a few hours...


Category:blog posts -- posted at: 9:09 PM

LIVE Show April 21st!
Tell your friends and mark it on your calendar!

In celebration of my 21st birthday, St. Clair Shores Radio will be doing a LIVE internet broadcast on April 21st from 9pm to Midnight.

I will also pull highlights from the LIVE show for a podcast version.

More details can be found here:
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Show #14 - Pro Tools
Show #14 – Pro Tools Recorded and Edited (Finally) using Pro Tools LE 7 and the Mbox 2 from Studio One.

For those who are not familiar with Pro Tools, it’s a very cool digital editing program used by many musicians and people in the radio industry. In fact, it’s the same software we use at WJR. The Mbox2 is a cool piece of hardware that works seamlessly with Pro Tools.

This show was taped back in early March before I went on vacation. You’ll most likely notice some of the news and entertainment notes are out of date because of this. The music and interview segments are still current, so you still have a reason to download and listen to this show.

By the way, stay tuned after the show is over for a special event announcement.

Show Notes:
All music from this show comes from the Podsafe Music Network unless noted.

Leaving Rouge – In Your Twilight

Kissing Cuzzins- American Idol

Joan Stevenson – (If I Could Be) Alone With You

Oland –John’s Song

Direct download: show14.mp3
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Show 14 Coming Soon
Hi Everyone!

I'm currently on vacation in Florida this week.

Because of this, Show 14 will be posted when I return later this week. I taped it before I left however I didn't have time to edit it.

If you want to hear more about my trip, checkout my LiveJournal at

Thanks for your understanding!
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Show #13 - Baby You Can Drive My Car
Recorded in my car at Macomb Community College in Warren, Michigan.

Show 13 is what I want to call a test show. I recorded the audio using my built in microphone on my new Apple Powerbook G4 so the audio from the mic it might sound a little different than usual.

Since I really needed to get a show together I didn't include an interview or local news with this show since I didnt have them put together.

Show Notes:
All music from this show comes from the Podsafe Music Network.

Jimmie Bratcher - Restless For The Sun

Brightest Days - The New Device

Paradise - In Circles

Chapstick - Cream of Everything

Direct download: show13.mp3
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Listener Survey
Hi Everyone!

Please take 5 minutes out of your day to fill out the listener survey.

By taking it and answering the questions honestly, you'll be helping me to improve the show.

You can get started by clicking on the listener survey icon on the left side panel.


Category:blog posts -- posted at: 2:11 AM

Show #12.5 - Special Edition - The Sentinel Interview
Taped on location from the Kitchen at my house, this Special Edition of St. Clair Shores Radio features an interview of Erik with Julie Stevens from the St. Clair Shores Sentinel.

For those not familiar with the St. Clair Shores Sentinel, it's basically the local paper here in the city.

Overall I thought the interview went well. The article turned out pretty good as well despite my dad being called William in the article, (His name is Larry) and the photo the caption calling me Erik Alexander, (Perhaps this could be my new DJ Stage Name).

The article can be found on the Second Front Page of this week's Sentinel with a nice photo of me sitting in Studio One.

My apologies for some bad audio quality with the interview tape. Occasionally you can hear the dog and other background noise.

The interview tape is just under 20 minutes long. The tape is the entire un-edited interview with Julie minus some dead spaces which I edited out.

My sincere thanks to Julie Stevens for interviewing me and for allowing me to tape and air the entire interview on the show.

Direct download: sentinel1306.mp3
Category:shows -- posted at: 3:00 AM

Show #12 - Best Of 2005
From Studio One, a look back at some of my favorite tracks played on St. Clair Shores Radio from 2005.

Earlier in the week I was interviewed by Julie Stevens from the St. Clair Shores Sentinel about the show.

Julie was kind enough to allow me to tape her interview with me, so I'll be airing that tape on a Special Edition of St. Clair Shores Radio by Monday or Tuesday next week. Her article should appear in the Sentinel on Tuesday (Jan 10th).

She also brought along a photographer with her and he took a few photos during the interview and a few of me in Studio One. Hopefully some of those photos will appear with the article.

I also will be adding a listener survey near the top of the website. I hope that you the listeners will take a moment and fill it out. The survey will help me to know a little more about you and should tell me how I can help make the show better for you.

As always, feel free to send comments via E-Mail or call the listener line at 586-630-3220.

Show Notes:
All music comes from The Podsafe Music Network unless otherwise noted.

The Muggs - If You Please

Interview Guest: Donna Lee Holman

Donna Lee Holman & The Coastline Band - The Sea

Black Adam - Burn Out

Natives of The New Dawn - Good Day

Cruisebox - On A Podcast

The Transfer - Down With Everything

Direct download: show12.mp3
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Show #11 - "The Christmas Special"
From "Studio One" it's the Christmas Edition of St. Clair Shores Radio.

Thanks For Listening and Happy Holidays!


All of the music used in this show is courtesy of the Podshow Podsafe Music Network (

Doug Boldt - "Oh Holy Night"

The Hip Cola - "Sleigh Ride"

Chaz - "The Gift of Love"

The Lee Harris Christmas Compilations - "It's Christmas Time"

Natalie Brown - "Jingle Bells"

Old Man Nelson and the Old 27 - "Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel"

Karmyn Tyler - "I'll Be There On Christmas Day"

Dusty Hughes - "Do You Hear What I Hear"

Allison Crowe - "Silent Night"

Dejie Johnson - "What A Wonderful World"

Direct download: show11.mp3
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Show #10 - "The Big 1-0"
(Finally) From “Studio One? this edition of St. Clair Shores Radio I talk with Chris Weagel from Human Dog Productions ( I also discuss a new job offer that has come my way.

Program Note: A special Christmas Edition of St. Clair Shores Radio (Show #11) will be posted and available for download on Christmas Eve (December 24th) at Midnight Eastern Time.

You can leave a voicemail for the show 24/7.
Call Now! 586-630-3220

Cagey House – “Steel Tantrum?

Donna Lee Holman & The Coast Line Band – “65 South?

Evan Stone – “Grapes?

Francis Jocky – “Higher Love?

Natives of the New Dawn – “Good Day?

Direct download: show10.mp3
Category:shows -- posted at: 12:30 AM

So I realize I have lied to my audience again and have not posted a new show as I have promised.

I would like to say that there could be a new show by this weekend, but I am not going to make any promises.

I have been busy with several things I can't talk about yet. Hopefully by the time I get around to finishing show 10 I will be able to tell everyone.

Until then... Stay tuned!
Category:blog posts -- posted at: 4:19 AM

Happy Thanksgiving!
Hi Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of your friends here at St. Clair Shores Radio.

I know it's been a few weeks since show 9 so look for show 10 sometime next week.

If you've missed a show, this would be a good time to go back and listen to prior shows you've missed.

As always, the Voicemail line is open. You can leave a voicemail for the show 24/7. Call Now! 586-630-3220.
Category:blog posts -- posted at: 4:47 PM

Show #9 - "Great Grandma"
Show #9 – “Great Grandma? From “Studio One? this edition of St. Clair Shores Radio contains a special interview with my Great Grandma, Marie Kerska who passed away at the age of 98 last week.

You can leave a voicemail for the show 24/7.
Call Now! 586-630-3220

The Catz Ass – “Want That Feeling?

Note To Self – “Should Be Storming?

Bemur – “Goodnight?

Steel Pedals – “Sunday Sound?

Crud – “Reality?

My Odeo Channel (odeo/05e677a0e9ccf31b)

Direct download: show9.mp3
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Show #8 - "Tweaks"
Finally after a month of planning, and behind the scenes work, show #8 is now available for download.

Podcasting once again from "Studio One", under a new company name, (Kingstar Productions LLC). I've done some tweaking to the format of the show.

I've added a new feature interview segment to the show. This show, I sit down with Hip Hop Artist Stock to discuss his new album "Stock Mashin" which will be out November 1st.

We're taking your phone calls now, you can leave a voicemail for the show 24/7.
Call Now! 586-630-3220

Todd Lerner - "Song For Free"

Stock - "Culture Shock"

Craig Maloney - "Not So Funky"

Human Dog Productions - Chris Weagel

Cruisebox - "On A Podcast"

My Odeo Channel (odeo/05e677a0e9ccf31b)

Direct download: show8.mp3
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I Have A Name!
I am happy to announce that I have been officially notified by the State that I have a registered company name.

Drum Roll Please.... And the new name of my production company is...

Kingstar Productions LLC!

While I now have a name, the hiatus of the show will still continue while I do a few more things to prepare for owning my own company.

Thanks again for your patience. It shouldn't be a whole lot longer until I start producing new shows.
Category:blog posts -- posted at: 12:01 AM

A (Very Brief) Hiatus
Hi Everyone!

Please bear with me, I know this is a lengthy post.

Since I've noticed it's been a few weeks since I last posted a show, I figured it was time I gave everyone an update on things going on behind the scenes here at St. Clair Shores Radio.

First off, I am proud to announce that I have decided to setup and launch my own production company.

As of today, I have filled out the necessary paperwork, and have sent it off to the State of Michigan for approval. Once everything is approved by the State, I should be up and running.

By starting up my own company and going legit with it, I will have my own registered name with the state, and I will also be receiving all of the tax benefits that are associated with owning my own business.

I should note, that while I have picked out a name that I hope to use as a company name, I haven't been awarded use of that name by the state yet, so therefore I am choosing not to release that new company name publicly, until I am more that sure I have the rights to it.

Some people might already know or have an idea of what I am planning to use as my company name. If I have spoken with you personally, or if someone has already tipped you off as to what that name could be, I am asking you to please keep it to yourself until I officially make an announcement on this website, or on my official blog which can be found at

You might be asking yourself, why am I making such a big deal over the name? Well, personally I am pretty sure I could start using it, however I don't want to do that only to find out that someone else truly owns it. I would like to wait until I have official clearance from the State before I begin using it.

So, how does this affect St. Clair Shores Radio, why am I taking a hiatus from the show, and when can you expect a new episode of St. Clair Shores Radio.

My main reason for the hiatus is concerns over copyrights, and how it applies to my show.

If you have ever listened to a full episode of St. Clair Shores Radio, you've most likely noticed towards the end of the show I usually have some kind of a copyright notice referring to a company. (Previously Big E Entertainment). I have since found out that Big E Entertainment is currently being used in another State outside of Michigan, so I have decided I will no longer be using that name to represent my shows. Once my new company name is registered with the State I will begin to use that one in place of Big E Entertainment. But, as I stated earlier I can't use the new name until the State approves it.

I want to make sure that the correct copyright info is being relayed during the shows, I don't want to end up giving out the wrong info and then end up having someone else owning the rights to my shows because I made a mistake in giving out the wrong info.

If all goes to plan, this hiatus should only last a week or two. I've been told it will take only 3 to 4 days for my paperwork to reach the state. I know for a fact my papers were sent out today (Friday). However, after the State receives my paperwork, I have no idea how long it will take them to process them. I can only hope that it's not long so that I can get confirmation of my new company name and get back to doing what I do best, making new shows for you the listeners. I would like to personally thank you, the listeners for your patience during this process. I am quite excited about this new company, and the unlimited possibilities that come with owning it.

As a way of saying thanks, I will be doing some tweaking to the format of St. Clair Shores Radio, to improve the content and quality of the shows. You should notice some of these changes once I begin to create new shows.

If you have some comments you would like to share with me on what you would like to see happen with the show, please send me an e-mail as soon as you can: [email protected]. I am always open to new suggestions as well as constructive criticism about the show.

Thanks again for your patience, I hope to be back on the air as soon as possible.

Erik Anderson
Executive Producer and Host
St. Clair Shores Radio

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Show #5!

We're back! Sorry for the absence but here's the new show! Hope ya'll dig it. Next week is the Japanese Hardcore theme show... all Japanese shit... all fast and brutal. Enjoy this week's show and be sure to tune in next time!

Youth of Today - Flame Still Burns
Ruination - Sacrifice Not Suicide
Stupids - I Scream Inside
Concrete Sox - We're Not Jealous
Extreme Noise Terror - Just Think About It
Active Minds - Walking Billboards
Kitchener - Right to Choose
Fury - Circle of Lies
Dissent - Run & Hide
Toxik Ephex - It's Your World
Christ On A Crutch - Sleep of Reason/Caveat Emptor
Reason of Insanity - Possession Obsession
Hero Dishonest - Cut the Crap
Crucial Section - Gete Way

Direct download: show5.mp3
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A Preview Of Things To Come...
Video! And that's all i'm willing to say for now... Stay Tuned :)
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Show 7 - "Art Fair"

Podcasting from the 2005 Lac St. Clair Fine Art Fair. Sitting in on the show with me is Special Guest Justin Martin, Director of Security for the Art Fair.


John Michaels Band - "The Music"

Motorcity Homestyle - "ASDF"

Multoc - "Six Feet"

Erik Erikson - "Just Can't Let You Go"

Mark Heimonen - "The Corporation"

Old Man Nelson and the Old 27

Violet Grey - "No More"

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Promo 2 - "About The Show"
This is the new promo for St. Clair Shores Radio...

Tell Your Friends!
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Show 6 - "The Return To Studio One"
It's good to be home again and back in Studio One after a 5 day trip up north, although I miss being up north already.

The music in show 6 is brought to you courtesy of the Podshow Podsafe Music Network, to find out more about the artist's from show 6 visit The Podshow Podsafe Music Network on the web at

Notes From The Show:

The Enemy Is Listening - "Rockstar"

Black Adam - "Burn Out"

Rubber Band Banjo - "Naked Under Leather"

Option42 - "Raindrop Rhapsody"

Sweet Crystal - "No Two Masters"

Darren Feivel - "Just For You"

St. Clair Shores is now a member of the Association of Music Podcasting, check them out at
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New Site Design!
Welcome to the re-designed St. Clair Shores Radio website.

I have decided LiveJournal was no longer of use to my operation here at SCS Radio. The new site is now hosted by, and also solves my bandwidth concern for the time being.

Please update your RSS feed readers as there is now a new RSS feed link. You can access the link by clicking on the appropriate icon on the left side of the screen.

I am also in the process of moving the show files from the old server to the new one. Shows 4 and 5 should be moved already and up and running for your listening enjoyment.

Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on the new site.
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Voicemail System
St. Clair Shores Radio now has a Voicemail line: 586-630-3220.

Feel free to call in and leave your comments on the show.

Please note by leaving a voicemail, you're giving us your permission to use it on the air.
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Show 5 - "Best Of"
Podcasting from the porch of my grandparent's home near Grayling, Michigan.

I thought a "Best Of" show would allow a nice look back at some of the music from past shows. However, about halfway through the show, I realized 3 out of 5 songs I picked were from show 4.

The next time I do a "Best Of" show, I promise to mix it up more.

You might also notice a beeping sound now and then, that's the sound of my laptop slowly breaking down.

Show Notes:

Stock- "Hustlers Anthem" (From Show 1)

Justine Blazer - "Diamond Tears" (From Show 4)

Greenstreet - "Crushed Eyeliner" (From Show 4)

Kissing Cuzzins - "Breaking" (From Show 3)

Cruisebox - "On A Podcast" (From Show 4)

Association of Music Podcasters (AMP)

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Show 4 - "After Hours"
Podcasting from the back porch of my home, I took an "informal approach" to show #4. With it being so late out (2am) I figured calling it "After Hours" would fit just right.

Notes From The Show:

The Process - "Jah Made The Herb"

Justine Blazer - "Diamond Tears"

Ed Englerth - "Spark"

Greenstreet - "Crushed Eyeliner"

Distorted Youth - "Unleash The Beast"

Cruisebox - "On A Podcast"

Association of Music Podcasters (AMP)

You can subscribe either in iTunes or to the direct RSS Feed. This way instead checking for new shows, the newest show will be downloaded to your computer automatically. If you have an iPod the show will also be loaded on your iPod too!

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Show 3 - "We're Back"
Show #3 of St. Clair Shores Radio is complete and available for download.

Artist Links From Show #3:

Stoneapple - "Walking On Water"

Machete Avenue - "Waterfall"

Edward Englerth - "Spark"

Bill Robinson - "Don't You Know"

Kissing Cussins - "Breaking"

Lokata - "Take Me Down"

If you are interested in making a pledge and signing up as a sponsor for the MDA Blogathon, please visit

You can post your comments about the show here or E-Mail - [email protected]

I am always looking for music for the show, if you or someone you know is in a band, please Email me.

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Show 2 - "We're Still On"
Show #2 of St. Clair Shores Radio is complete and available for download.

Artist Links From Show #2:

The Muggs - "If You Please"

Greybyrd - "Far Too Much"

Donna Lee Holman - "Quiet Heard"

Hoodang - "Roadhouse Shuffle"

Benny Profane - "Hypothical Highways"

You can post your comments about the show here or E-Mail - [email protected]

I am always looking for music for the show, if you or someone you know is in a band, please Email me.
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Promo 1 - "The First Promo Ever"
This is the first promo for SCS Radio.
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