My friend Jeffrey became an uncle for the first time this past week. I do not remember another time that I have ever seen him as happy or excited, as he was the day his niece was born. Growing up we were always pretty close with his older brother Simon, and it was really weird for me to think that Simon now had a daughter. Jeffrey decided that he wanted to make a rocking chair for his sister-in-law to rock the baby in. I offered to help, and he asked me to bring whatever cutting tools I had and said he would get the rest of the supplies. When I got there he had all the different pieces of wood laid out, and showed me a drawing that he had done. Jeffrey works for a company that builds recording studios, so that was the extent of his wood working knowledge. He rented some tools that would let him carve and shape some of the wood, so he could make a comfortable seat, and could put a nice design in the headrest of the chair. It ended up coming out amazing, and we knew it would be something that his sister-in-law would love and that it would mean so much to her.

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