My friend Jordan’s mom is a jewelry maker. Every time we are over at his house, there is jewelry making stuff all over his house. If we are going to play cards, we always have to clear off all of her beads, metals and cut tools. It is like at least a five-minute process for us, just to be able to play some euchre. The problem is, he has the best set up for us to play cards, so we always go there anyways. Last summer, hardly a night went by when we did not go over there to play some euchre. Now that we are all working more, we are lucky if we get to play once a week. In reality, we probably only play about once a month now. Which is really sad, because we always have such a good time when we get to spend some time together to play some cards. I think that the last time we played, we had been out having some brews at the local microbrewery. I kept telling everyone that I was not going to have the attention span to play cards, but they insisted. Despite the fact that I was a little spacey, we still won.


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