My friend Brett moved here from a small town called Waterford up in Wisconsin about an hour away from Milwaukee. He lives in a place in Bucktown Chicago with 3 other guys. Recently, he had moved in with his girlfriend at a place in Logan Square. Things went bad between them and I had to help him move out in the middle of the night while she was bartending. Brett told me that the only two neighborhoods in the city of Chicago that he wants to live in are Bucktown and Logan Square. Bucktown’s a nice neighborhood that’s right next to Wicker Park. It has a real energetic vibe and there’s a lot of artists and young people living there. Logan Square is one of the largest, if not the largest, neighborhood in the city. I’d have to check a map to be absolutely sure. Nonetheless, it’s huge. It’s so huge that different parts of the neighborhood are radically different from each other. Some parts are nice and some aren’t. But there’s not really much to do in Logan Square. No great bars or clubs and as many younger people as there are of everyone else. I prefer Bucktown myself. Definitely

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