I think that the Logan Square Chicago neighborhood might be the biggest one in the city of Chicago. If you drive through it down Milwaukee Avenue, it just seems to go on forever and ever. Some parts of it are really nice and some parts of it aren’t. And then there are other parts of it that seem to be out in the middle of nowhere. They’re not near the train station, the highway, any restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, or anything. I’d say that the neighborhood’s best feature is that the places to live in its nicer parts aren’t that expensive due to the fact that it’s Logan Square. Some parts of it are near the highway and the train station and other neighborhoods with more to do there like Wicker Park, Bucktown, and Lincoln Park. But I’d prefer not to live there. I just don’t like it and I’ve never really seen any apartments there that I’d want to rent. Some are nice and some have some really great amenities and such, but I never fell in love with a place there. I don’t love the place I live at now, but its location is great, I got a deal on the rent, and my lease only goes a year and I can stay or leave if I want.