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    57 SEO TOOLS TO GET BETTER RESULTS WITH YOUR CAMPAIGNSHere is a list of some of the websites and the SEO tools that they offer: Similar Page Checker2. Search Engine Spider Simulator3. Backlink Anchor Text Analysis4. Backlink Builder5. Backlink Summary6. Keyword Density Checker7. Redirect Check Keyword Verification Check9. Link Popularity Check10. Search Saturation Check11. Meta Tag Optimization12. Keyword Suggestion Tool13. Back Links...
  • Let Your Business Zoom Ahead With our Sem Services

    Online business has been booming over the years with more and more people buying online. With this there has been a mushrooming of websites dealing with e-commerce. More and more people are getting attracted towards the online business. But, the key area of any business to be a profitable online is attracting more and more visitors and to convert these into buyers of the product or services offered by the site. The success of any online business likes in careful planning with consultation of web-experts.How...
  • The Madonna Approach to SEM

    What in the world does Madonna have to do with Search Engine Marketing? Well, at first glance, probably not much. Stay with me for a few moments, and I think the analogy will become clear.For those new to marketing websites, the amount of information out there on SEO, SEM and the like can be quite overwhelming. How can you possibly keep up with all of it or know who to listen to?Well, in my own experience, I tried to do as much research as possible on the so-called proven tactics, as well as the...
  • 6 Important Tips for Beginners Search Engine Management (sem)

    Search Engine Management, or “SEM” is defined as the process of building and marketing a web site with the end goal of improving it’s position in the search engine results. This process includes a few key techniques:Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Search Engine Optimization is the process of building a site that is “search engine friendly”. Pages that are optimized for search engines will provide content that is highly relevant to it’s targeted keywords and make...
  • Sem Agencies- Making Your Sem Strategy Result Oriented

    Search engine marketing techniques are meant to elevate the rank of your website on the indexes of the organic search engines. As the rank of your website increases, the visibility, traffic and business volume also increase simultaneously. This is due to the fact that more than 80% of the online buyers prefer websites displayed on the search engine pages to the paid or sponsored sites.The SEM strategy needs to be a comprehensive and integrated one. You should be clear regarding your objective and...
  • Sem Services: Get Focused

    Search Engine Marketing is quite different from search engine optimization, Not many people understand the difference between the two and as a result of which their website and the Online business is badly affected. In order to avoid such things from happening to your business it is important that you undergo a complete brush over of the SEM services you know of.People generally tend to get lost about where to begin their search engine marketing plan. Where should they focus first. The focal point...
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    While everyone thinks that they can get better traffic results with SEO and SEM for their websites, this is just one facet where you can utilize these marketing tools. You can also use SEM for blogs. And for those who are wary about using a blog for personal or even commercial use, with SEM you can double the amount of traffic that finds your blog, therefore doubling the amount of traffic you will get to your website.Although huge amounts of traffic do no necessarily equate to more business, at least...
  • Clifinar is an Innovative Sem Seminar

    IntroductionThe Clifinar is a form of web marketing seminar that has become popular at a web marketing company called Compucall. The Clifinar is an example par excellence of a portmanteau - an expression formed by combining the meanings of two different words. In this case it is Clifton - the web marketing professional who presents the seminars - and the word seminar.The History of the SeminarThe history of the seminar can be dated back to an ancient method of learning called the Socratic method....
  • Gain Top Ranking SEO and Sem Organic SEO Skills With New Confidence

    Has your Web site recently changed position in the search engine rankings?Are you noticing some rather unusual changes, that just don’t make sense? Do genuine SEO and SEM skills feel next to impossible to learn? Have you spent thousands of dollars on SEO training by video and then found that sitting there watching videos has not really helped you with business? This is something we hear about quite often, (unfortunately.) Too often it’s after the fact. Too often it’s after your...
  • A Quick Way To Make A Profit - Pay Per Click Advertising

    If it is your intention to get your business and website up and running successfully as fast as you can, one of the best ways to advertise is by pay per click. You will find that this is the quickest way forward in drawing targeted traffic to what you have on offer. However, there is a right way to be involved with pay per click advertising and if not carried out properly you stand to lose quite a bit of money. This article is going to explain how pay per click works and hopefully it will help you...
  • The Skills That Training in SEM Will Inculcate in You

    A great deal of research and analysis are done to make an effective Search Engine Marketing training program. A clear objective and the goal should be certain and all the measures to achieve them have to be taught. The marketers in this field should be knowledgeable and such programs really help the new comers to make a stand. They pick up the strategies sooner, they start understanding the needs and demands of clients properly and they get to know how to evaluate the process and take decisions accordingly....
  • SEM services, perfect tool for your website promotion

    It is no more a secret or a myth that Internet is the biggest marketing medium, which enables the companies and individuals to sell their goods and services to a wider range of customers. At the same time, it also allows them to be in direct touch with their clients. Because of this, most of the business organization and entrepreneurs are trying to establish their E-presence and launch their business on the internet. But the biggest drawback of any online business is that internet offers the customers...

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Advertising without PPC or Adwords

Posted By June 3, 2009 at 8:40 pm No Commented

Google AdSense and Google Adwords are the two most popular links used for advertising these days and their popularity is making them a shining star in the advertising world. Generally Adwords is used as a method in saving money as it follows the method of pay per click. Now a day’s many PPC alternative are available in the web market.

Adwords work runs around the concept of keywords. The more popular the keyword is, the more revenue will be generated by it. Here advertisers are charged with a nominal amount every time their advertisement is being viewed. Although the revenue generated per click is very less but it gets accumulated into a large amount afterwards. Though it is a riskier job since if the keyword is not defined properly, it can eat up your entire campaign budget. Good news is that Adwords is not the most widely used method for online advertising. There are many other options available for savvy marketers which are more cost effective and profitable methods and can serve as one of the Adwords alternative.

An emerging alternative to the Google Adwords is social marketing. Blogs and forums are the best known powerful promotion tools for social marketing available in the market these days. On social networking sites you will find various people with common interests and can communicate with them and advertise your products. Even just a small blog can make you harvest an amount of money. For more information related to this you can visit: .You can hire a promoter who can advertise on the website by placing a text or banner on it and pay that website for ad and in order to make it more cost effective; user must decide a flat rate which will depend on the time period for which a particular ad will appear.

Adsense Optimization: External Optimization for More Adsense Money

Posted By February 4, 2009 at 6:45 am No Commented

External Optimization deals with the points you should remember while promoting your website over web, the external world. This part of optimization not only influences the ranking, but also influences the relevancy of ads. This part of optimization takes time, and your control over it is limited sometimes.

Anchor Text

Keywords in anchor text enhance the relevance of the target page with regard to the keywords used. Every page of your website should be made relevant through optimized anchor text containing important keywords, matching the theme of the website.

Try to make link partners link to you with the anchor text you specify (but please don’t force them). The inclusion of important keywords in the anchor text can make a big difference in the final ranking as well as the relevance of ads on your website. All the important search engines give due importance to the anchor text (both on your website as well as on the external websites linking to your pages).


Also, it’s a good idea to keep changing your Anchor text while the link development campaigns. Varied options of title and description make search engines give your website wider coverage. Again, you can choose the keywords to be used in the anchor text according to your choice (Traffic or payouts). 

It is important to understand that as your Page Rank (PR) and resultant traffic increases, Google may increase your payouts. However, if you are getting highly untargeted traffic (or fraud traffic), your payouts automatically decrease with a period of time. This is because of the phenomenon called SMART PRICING. That is why Anchor Text is so important.

Getting Back Links

The number of incoming links to your website may not have direct impact over your Adsense ads relevancy. However, the anchor text with which your link partners are linking not only gets you direct traffic, but also promotes your website to certain segments of traffic surfing on search engines. 

When you target wrong keywords, it attracts wrong segments of traffic. This decreases your CTR as well as the earnings you could have had from that traffic. You can say, it affects the relevancy of your ads. When the ads that Google broadcasts are not relevant to your traffic, the results are damp.

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Adwords Tips for PPC Profitability – Part 1

Posted By October 10, 2008 at 4:35 am No Commented

There are many PPC search engines to choose from both large and small concerning general and specific topics of interest. There are so many search engines some setup purely for shopping related websites others for business, travel, hobby related and practically any other topic of user interest.

However, if you are interested in making money online the Adwords tip of the day is don’t go past Google. Their Adwords program is without doubt the most sophisticated advertising platform obtainable today. Others are also there, but if you can work with Adwords you can work within any platform.

Adwords offers may features and benefits that place them at number one on the search engine list. They have an extremely efficient system that will bring in hordes of highly targeted traffic to your product or service. You can select highly specific keywords, make complex changes to your ad copy and sales presentation, research test and track your campaigns quickly. With the right Adwords tips it is a terrific method to generate huge sums of money and profit online.

Adwords tips used by professional advertisers must be adopted if you want to run a profitable campaign. Some Adwords tips will assist in improving your click through rate, while other Adwords tips will help your ad copy hit the spot. This article can only cover a few simple concepts but for a complete list refer to “The Adwords Navigator Adwords Tips Manual” by Paul Goodwyn.

Following any the of the Adwords tips below becomes an extremely powerful way to locate a highly targeted class of visitor. You want this type of visitor because they are buyers not tire kickers resulting in an increase to your traffic and bottom line profits.

Adwords Tips 1

Always target your campaign to the right market. For example, if you have a fresh bread shop there would not be any point in setting up a general campaign that targets all countries. Your first priority would be to concentrate on your local market, so use geo targeting.

This Adwords tip can be applied in many other ways when setting up your campaign. To start with be aware to target your visitor correctly. You can achieve this at the keyword, adcopy, landing page, subgroup, niche and market level. This Adwords tip is always overlooked not only by beginner and intermediate marketers, but also by so called experts that write on this subject.

Adwords Tips 2

There are so many variables that interact with one another that can affect your bottom line results when using PPC marketing, yet without doubt the most important is your keyword selection. The next Adwords tip is that if you want a profitable campaign never select keywords whimsically. Find very targeted keywords for your product this will bring in good buying traffic.

The best product in the world will not sell if you present it to the wrong type of buyer. For example, if you love Hawaiian shirts and sincerely believe the world would be a better place if everyone wore one, well… fine! But, don’t waste your time trying to sell them to Eskimo’s. Similarly, if you are a butcher don’t waste money trying to convince vegetarians on your local commune to buy a steak. Got the idea!

Your keyword selection is critical and will have a great influence on your success or failure. Highly targeted keywords have the effect of putting your ad copy in front of the right type of person while, at the same time improving the standing of your campaign in the robotic eyes of the search engines.

To take this Adwords tip further, follow the old adage not to put all your eggs in one basket needs to be applied. This is critical and probably the biggest mistake new marketers make. One ad group packed full of keywords will not bring in enough visitors. You may think you have covered all the possibilities but Google Adwords doesn’t work like that.

Adwords will find a few keywords that are suitable for your ad and as their quality score grows the rest of the keywords practically don’t exist anymore and will not perform. So the Adwords tips advice here is to not attempt to have one ad try to do the work for all your keywords. Ads should be designed to reflect the variegated qualities of your product or service.

To keep the length of this article to a reasonable size we will look at more Adwords tips in Part 2. Keep a look-out for “Adwords Tips For PPC Profitability - Part 2” where we will cover some over-looked tips that will generate $1000’s of dollars for your pay per click campaigns.

For more detailed Adwords tips information regarding how to generate highly targeted traffic to your websites, both free and paid, and how to organize your keywords, ad groups and locate negative keywords to ward-off unnecessary impressions and clicks, reduce your costs to make money marketing the way professionals do, click this link for more information

Pay Per Click Advertising - a Comprehensive Guide

Posted By June 18, 2008 at 8:27 pm No Commented

Search engine pay per click advertising has become one of the most popular advertising methods used in internet marketing, and once a person understands the potential of this kind of advertising it’s not difficult to figure out why.

With pay per click advertising, instead of you going out and searching for customers; the customers actually go searching for you. In adition to that, customers that see your ad are specifically interested in what you have to offer. There’s more…you don’t pay for the ad until someone actually clicks on it.

Sounds great! But as with most things in life it’s not that simple. Because of the above mentioned positives for pay per click advertising a whole bunch of people have jumped unto the bandwagon so to speak and so there is tremendous competition for the top ad placements. The question is; how can you squeeze out a sensible profit from pay per click advertising?

Choose the right things to advertise.

If you’re advertising something using a pay per click program it’s very important that you choose something that people are interested in actually paying for. And that is because pay per click (PPC) advertising costs you money. You don’t want to be paying the advertising company to advertise something that won’t bring you returns. Do some marketing research before hand to find out how much your product or service is in demand and if people will be willing to pay for it.

Choose The Right Keywords

Keywords should always be customer oriented. If you’re selling ipods for example, it might not be wise to use a keyword like “mp3 player”. Not only is that keyword not targeted enough in that it does not specify which mp3 player you are advertising but it is also not customer or buyer oriented. It would be wiser to use a keyword like “buy ipod”. An even better keyword would be “buy ipod now”. People who type in keywords like “buy ipod now” mean business; they are buyers and those are the type of people you want clicking on your ads. Of course you’ll need a keyword popularity tool to determine the best keywords based on what people are acutally searching for. I personally recommend wordtracker.

Write A Good Ad

Of course that goes without saying, you already know that you need to write a good ad. But the question is; what constitutes a good ad? Search engines don’t allow you much space for your ad, so you’ll have to use the small space given to the best of your ability. If you’re selling a product, mention the price in the ad. That way people can make a decision as to whether or not they are interested in your price before they click on your ad. If you don’t mention the price and someone clicks your ad then decides your product costs too much, you’ll lose money for that click.

Always capitalize important words in your ad, this makes your ad stand out and people are subconsciously drawn to your ad as opposed to one written in only common letters. Make your ad seem different from the others, take a look at the other ads that your ad will be competing with and create an ad that will stand out as different.

Spilt Testing

Split testing is when you create a number of ads and run them either simultaneously or one after the other and then compare them. This will enable you to determine which ads are making the most money for you and so you’ll be able to improve your return on investment. Never stop split testing, this should be an ongoing endevour.

Pay per click advertising can be costly and challenging if you approach it without sound guidance and a plan of action. But if you remain conscious of your customer base and offer them just what they want, you’ll be surprised at how rewarding this advertising method can be.

In my experience, the number 1 secret is choosing the right keywords…once you’ve selected ’buyer-oriented’ (not popular) keywords for your ad, all you need to do is to observe and tweak your ad as you manage your campaign. And you’ll certainly profit.

Beating Adwords Review – Increase Your Affiliate Earnings With Beating Adwords

Posted By May 12, 2008 at 6:45 pm No Commented


Beating Adwords is a fully comprehensive Internet Marketing Guide that focuses on making money online using Google Adwords. If you have been reluctant to try Adwords, this is the product that will change your perspective. So if you are a newbie to Adwords or even an experienced advertiser, I would definitely recommend you take a look at Beating Adwords. Beating Adwords contains powerful strategies that can help you earn a lot of cash without much investment of time and money. Once again, PPC is a strategy that needs to be maneuvered the right way. Beating Adwords is definitely a must have reference guide for all Internet Marketers who are just getting started, or who haven’t made any money online. It is very important to use the correct techniques when getting started, and Beating Adwords will teach you these.

Beating Adwords releases the Slow Roller Technique, and this alone is worth the cost of the book. Stop listening to the guru’s tell you to drop hundreds into PPC, and start using this technique.

Beating Adwords is the only investment you will need to learn how to make money online. This program is the most complete up-to-date guide on how to earn money online. If you are serious about making money online and you haven’t got your own copy of this great program you are simply missing out. Kyle and Carson have literally invested $100,000’s refining the techniques and strategies that have been included in this book and the information that you will receive is leading edge. If you have heard of Kyle and Carson before, then you should know that their products are not scam’s. They are the creators of The Wealthy Affiliate, which is one of the most sought after affiliate programs on the web.

Beating Adwords is a deal at ten times the price, and a must-have for anyone serious about making money with Pay Per Click Advertising.

The Absolute Easiest Revenue, Pay Per Click Earning

Posted By February 16, 2008 at 5:30 am No Commented

Great revenues are possible from Pay Per Click Earning. Advertising isn’t what it used to be when the internet first came out. In short everything to do with the internet now is more intense, sophisticated, and extremely challenging especially when it comes to advertising and converting advertising to sales. Awareness is greater, technology is much more advanced and to be a success in internet marketing one must be keen, up to-date, and most importantly versatile and very imaginative.

Personally I think that pay per click earning is by far the simplest method for earning online to date. Sure while there are probably thousands of ways to market products on the internet, using methods that require simple calculations of proven strategies, Techniques, and Tips as leverage to produce enormous out comes in a short period of time would definitely be a truly wise way to go. With pay per click earning a campaign can be set-up quickly and you pay only when someone clicks on your ads.

A well thought out, strategized plan before setting up a campaign can enhance response rates extremely. The reason I make pay per click earning sound so easy is because it actually is, both in theory and in real life, the best way to earn money online. Make no mistake that if you don’t have the experience required to use pay per click earning methods as a way of earning on line that the potential of you losing huge amounts of money is very great.

The great part about pay per click advertising, other than earning great pay days, is that it’s not that hard to learn the ropes, considering that you get competent instruction.

If a campaign is set-up correctly, using pay per click advertising, the advertiser (you) can expect extremely targeted traffic, (someone who has searched for your product and is already qualified when they come to your site, which is selling the product that they’re looking for), to your campaign at an affordable price, and considering that the rest of your network of pages and links and products are relevant to each other you should be able to convert (make sales) rather well. Needles to say that the better and more uniform your entire set-up is from start to finish, including keyword selections, website and or products, the better your conversions will be.

Once You learn about pay per click earning and advertising setting up an account is a cinch. To open an account all you generally have to do is sign up with the usual general information, and deposit some money as a starting balance. With this, you enter your site’s URL, title and description and bid on relevant keywords and you are off…

The relevant keywords are the avenue in which your tageted traffic comes from…Optimization of your site will determine placement of your website on the search engines and the closer to the front page you get, preferably the top ten pages, the better your chances of getting immediate traffic.

So as you can see pay per click earning can be quite beneficial in revenues, time consolidation, and a host of other benefits that you can expect….