I was going to get coffee today up the street at the Starbucks and got caught by a guy passing out fliers for San Francisco Bankruptcy and it got me thinking about a friend of mine how is still in college, Kate. She does something like that down at college for a travel agency. What they do is send her all over Europe and everywhere else during the summer, and then when she gets back she passes out pamphlets and participates in events to promote the travel packages the agency has. She has her own little site online and everything, she loves traveling. I wish I found that job while I was in college, free trip to who knows how many countries and all I have to do is tell people about it, I can definitely live with that. She even recently interviewed for the Weiner Mobile for Oscar Myer. She will be driving around the country promoting that thing for I think it is a year. Sounds like a fun job, especially for right after college. In fact most of the people I graduated with went on some sort of trip or took a little time off of life to travel or rest before going back to school or starting a “real” job.