If there was one thing to learn from the horrible event that was Hurricane Katrina, it was that every single city and small town should have its own disaster recovery plans. I know that people were left scattered all over the country after Katrina, and several years later, the city of New Orleans is still being rebuilt. There were a lot of kids from Tulane that came to Indiana for the semester. Many of them had family in Indiana. I called my friend Ali the other day to ask her to she if she wanted to go to the Kanye West Glow in the Dark Tour concert with me in a couple of weeks, and she told me that she could not, because she was going down to New Orleans with her mom and her sister to work for Habitat for Humanity and build houses. She said that she was jealous of me for being able to go to the concert, but I told her that I was jealous of her for getting to do such a special thing for people. I had the pleasure of going to New Orleans before the Hurricane, and getting to experience first hand the culture. I do hope to go back someday.