Could you make a website about targeted traffic? Then who would be the targeted traffic for that particular website? Well, people interested in getting more targeted traffic for their own websites such as those working in search engine optimization and Internet marketing and others. But how many causal web surfers are going to trying to look up what targeted traffic is? Better yet, how many of them even know what targeted traffic is or would even care? Yet, there does exist a need to create a website explaining what targeted traffic is and how to get more of it. Marketing is full of contradictions, isn’t it? For example, how are people who are not in the 18-34 male demographic supposed to write advertisements that appeal to that demographic? How does a man figure out how to write a sales pitch that will appeal to a woman and her needs? How can anyone keep up with what is trendy and decide what stays trendy and what doesn’t? Yet, people in advertising, even in Internet advertising, make these decisions all the time. Are they pretentious? Yes. Do they wear black and drink a lot of coffee? Probably, even if it is a stereotype. But they’re still getting you to buy things, aren’t they? Look around your home. How much of all that do you actually need?