I have decided that I need to find a nice quiet place to go and read or write, or do something relaxing that is outside of my apartment. I went to lunch with a friend of mine a while ago up where she lives and she has this little hole in the wall coffee shop she found in the East Village Chicago neighborhood Guide and it is pretty great. You get free internet there unlike having to pay at Starbucks and they have pretty much the same coffee. Actually, they have a better selection I think. They have these great chocolate drinks, hot and cold, mixed with fruits and all kinds of flavors. I am pretty sure I could eat breakfast there every day. I love the pastries they have there along with every other backed good you can think off. And it is really quiet, they do not have loud music or someone live playing that cannot sing making it hard to have a conversation or be in your own head. I have to find a place like that around here. Hopefully there will be one I do not have to drive too. Being in traffic would definitely ruin any relaxation I had going.