Gasol, the guy’s great. Especially with Kobe. They look like they’ve been playing together for a lifetime and not just a few months. It’s very cool. It’s made the playoffs and the NBA finals for me. Though I am a bit bummed, as Gasol might have come here. The Lakers got him without giving up anybody. Gasol could have come to Chicago and we could have had a much better team, I think. Though he might not have fit in in Chicago. Sometimes it’s just a matter of synergy. I’m not sure he would have had it in Chicago. Anyway, tomorrow is our party. This is the night we have to have it, because of work schedules and other things. There’s no choice here. I called a few neighbors and Tara called a few of her friends, and of course Jim and Sue are coming over, too. It should be a nice night. And it’s warm enough to grill, so I picked up some hot dogs and steaks and burgers. Nobody will get out of this evening without major damage to their arteries. Me included. I have to be very careful with what I am eating, due to my diabetes, but sometimes I slip off the wagon, like with this party.