At Indiana University, there is a guy that works in the computer lab at the Wells Library that everyone knows as the wizard. He was able to solve almost any problem that could arise at the library. The wizard was especially a master of data recovery. If a student had a disk that had been damaged or corrupted they would go to him and he could retrieve the data off of the disk nine times out of time. I know one time a disk that I had was crushed in my backpack. He was able to pull of a paper I had on there that I needed to turn in for my midterms. It was a huge savior, because the paper had taken me almost two weeks to write. He is also known for being able to recover important e-mails that students accidentally delete. All a student has to do it tell him the subject line of the e-mail, and he can pluck it out of the ether. It is funny how absolutely ever student on campus knows who the wizard is. Even the teachers refer to him as that. If there is ever an issue with something going missing, the teacher will tell the student to go to the wizard. You would think we were in Oz.