I have a friend that has always been pretty good with computers. There were many times that I had computer issues when we were in college and he would come and have it fixed in mere moments. I always told him he should use his knowledge of computers to make some money, since everyone is always having computer issues and problems. I think he finally took my advice, because he is now in the computer business. He helps people find data storage solutions. Sometimes the job is really cool. He told me that he has done a few famous people’s sound systems. He sets up their entire music collections so they can have all of it available at their fingertips and running through their expensive sound systems. He said he has done that for a few movie stars, and a couple of Indianapolis Colts players. I think that would be a pretty cool gig. He says it is not all fame and fortune like that though. Sometimes he works for huge corporations helping them to solve all of their data storage issues. I told him regardless of whether he was doing that or working for celebrities, at least he is doing something that he enjoys.