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Monday, May 12th, 2008

Writing has taken me more places than I could have ever imagined. Last week, while on my way down to Florida, my writing partner and I stopped in some small little town for the night to take a break. It was the kind of town with one of everything. It had one stoplight, one drug store and most certainly, only one hotel. Since there was not much to do, we decided to take it easy, and have a cocktail or two in the hotel bar. The bartender told us the whole town was built around a factory that produces end mills. He said that almost all of the people that were there in that town either worked for that factory, or one of the few other businesses in the town. There was also the family that owned the diner, the family who ran the only gas station in town, and the bartender’s family, who owned the hotel. I asked him if they got much business at the hotel, since it was such a small town, and he told me that they got enough to stay in business. Since the houses in the town are not all that big, often visiting relatives stay at the hotel.