One of my friends claims to have one of the Larry O’Brien trophies set up in his living room. I’ve never been to his house since it’s on the other side of town and normally we met up at a bar or somewhere else, but now I’ve got to see this. The Larry O’Brien trophy is the trophy awarded to the NBA team after winning the world championship in the NBA Finals. He claims that Robert Horry took the trophy home with him after one of the Lakers’ championship wins in the early 00’s and sold it to him to help pay off a gambling debt. Obviously, Robert Horry had no reason to be holding that trophy when his team had won it, but my friend insists that this is true. He says the team owed Horry some money from his contract so they gave him the trophy to settle that debt. He says Horry claimed there’s a fake, plastic trophy sitting in the trophy case back at LA Lakers headquarters or wherever they practice and have their offices at. It all sounds bizarre, but his wife says that it’s absolutely true and says it with a straight face. I think offhand that it’s a lie, but, really, I want to go and see this for myself.