I went to pay my car payment today and I must say, I had one of the weirdest experiences. First, when I walked into the bank, it was immediately depressing because there was this huge standup advertisement for bankruptcy. I guess some South Bend Bankruptcy firm paid to have it put in the banks, but it is not the best marketing strategy I do not think. The last thing I want in my back would be for somebody to walk in and read something about bankruptcy. The economy is not something most people want to be reminded of right now. Anyway, I go in and sit down to pay my bill and just blurt out “this is for my car, right?” Now, I have seen the guy helping me almost every went in to pay my bill and almost every time he is the one taking care of me. He looked at me with the most “um, you have been doing this for about six months here, and now you ask?” look I have ever seen and checked it on the computer. I guess I just wanted to be absolutely sure. The only thing I could do was laugh it off, and so did he, but I am sure his co-workers got a kick out of it.