How to Maintain Romance in Relationships: 5 Easy Tips

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Every couple’s life is formed according to a predetermined scenario. No matter how confident you are, and might say: “It’s not going to happen to me!” Psychologists state that the overwhelming feeling of falling in love passes after two or three years of being in relationships. Just a short time ago, you met each other on annadating, and now you notice some changes in your love affair.

Next thing you know, the working days replace daily surprises, burning passion, flaming messages, and candid glances, and complete calm appears instead of the raging volcano in the heart. How do you bring back the romance in a relationship? Read on.

Show Your Feelings

Over time, a lot of couples take love for granted and forget how important touching, compliments, and hugs are. No argument, gifts, and dates are very romantic. But it’s the fleeting expressions of love (wishes for a good day, kisses, etc.) that strengthen relationships the most. Why not text your lover right now? 

Maintain Intimacy

Intimacy is not only good sex but also the ability to be in constant contact with your partner. Holding hands after a few years of marriage, cuddling while watching your favorite movie, and saying, “I love you” for no particular reason. Live these intimate moments consciously, and then your feelings will rise to the next level.

Set a Goal

Nothing brings us together better than teamwork. The couples who set common goals and achieve them feel much happier than those used to acting alone. The more challenging your goal is, the more you learn to think as a whole. As a result, trust in your partner increases, and you get a feeling of reliability, which is essential to build a healthy relationship.

If you hate long-term goals, just plan to do something extraordinary together: sky diving or flying a hot air balloon, taking a tennis lesson, or horse riding. Expecting something that sharpens your mind arouses fantastic feelings.

Stick to Digital Etiquette

In the Internet age, social media and smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. The truth is that being online all the time negates all romance. So, make it a rule to put away your gadgets, at least during dinner and dates. Put away your smartphone when you’re chatting, mute all electronic devices at night, and don’t post personal photos and videos on social media without your partner’s consent.

Go Out on Dates

Living together, sharing a home and new goals definitely bring you closer together. But over time, life can become routine. Not to lose the romance, don’t forget to celebrate important dates and have special evenings. Discover a new place in the city or plan a weekend out of town. A change of scenery and a creative approach to the date will help diversify everyday life and get you into the erotic wave.

It might be a good idea to recreate your first meeting. Do you remember how you met? What was the first date like? Try to refresh pleasant memories. Book a table at the same restaurant, buy movie tickets for a night out, take a walk to the places associated with the beginning of your romance. Another trick is to pretend like you don’t know each other and try flirting.

Romance is not only a moonlit walk and declarations of love but also the right priorities. Even despite a busy schedule, you find time for a loved one, take care of each other and invest energy into your relationship. And you also pay enough attention to your partner and remember what gives him/her pleasure and makes him/her smile every day.

5 women “flaws” that men like so much

We always used to believe that our flaws are something that drags us down. But it is not always true. Have you ever thought that there are several shortcomings that make women more attractive in the eyes of men? And you just need to relax and learn to afford these little charming “flaws.” Read our article to learn more.

  1. Reasonable laziness

Sometimes women wash all the dishes, then the floors, cook dinner for three days, check the lessons with the son, iron all the clothes, while the beloved husband lies imposingly on the couch and watches his favorite football. Taking care of the household is wonderful. And this is exactly what mothers at home and teachers used to teach us. But things have changed. Nowadays if you lie on the sofa with your husband the whole day in front of the television screen, no one will blame you. Reasonable laziness will add a feminine charm, which is so impressive to many men.

2. Good appetite

In their pursuit of good physical condition, women completely forgot how to enjoy food. And, as the classic said: “nothing brings you closer than cooking and eating food together.” For someone, it will be a surprise, but men don’t like when girls don’t eat on dates. They like their women to enjoy food. Especially a women’s appetite pleases a man when it comes to food prepared by them.

  • Easy fullness

This is the most pleasant news for girls for man who are not only excellent housewives but also in terms of appearance strive for the Hollywood ideal. Hollywood and gloss magazines created a beautiful picture, but it is too far and alienated from common people. After all, no one wants to see Angelina Jolie at home in full dress. According to the men we interviewed, they want to see a woman close-fitting, but a little soft, with pleasant roundness and hollows. So do not get mad at a couple of extra pounds. One benefit from them.

  • Light sloppiness

A girl should be neat; we are taught to this from childhood. Until recent times this statement seemed irreversible. And cinema has only reinforced this idea. Looking at the Hollywood beauties, they convince us again and again that even in a home environment, with our husbands, our hairstyle, clothes, manicure, and other attributes of femininity should be ideal. Surprisingly, it is this ideality that creates a kind of alienation. The lack of makeup and a cute washed-in t-shirt with a lion cub gives comfort to a woman. Moreover, such an appearance to many men seems incredibly attractive, and even erotic.

  • light-mindedness

Many people mistakenly believe that a good mother, girlfriend, or wife is “determined” in many ways by a serious attitude to life. Daily worries, money issues, and other affairs require a woman to be able to concentrate, systematize existing problems, and outline ways to solve them. Just as men stopped climbing into the windows of their beloved girls, women almost forgot how to fool around. We stopped walking under the moon, we don’t go to the cinema for the last show, and don’t eat pizza at night or midnight. But it is completely wrong! Excessive seriousness turns us into strict teachers. No one likes it.

7 steps to become a romantic person

Almost all women want to see a romantic man nearby. But why? This question is very difficult because there is no clear and unambiguous definition of who a romantic person should be. Let’s try to figure it out. What is it then? It is very simple and hard at the same time. If a man is mentally rich, then it is rather easy for him to be romantic. He doesn’t have to think about how to be romantic with someone, because all his actions are romantic automatically. But what about us? Don’t worry, because almost everyone can become romantic. All you need to do is to follow a couple of steps.

1. Don’t try to convince a woman with logic

Romantic behavior is absolutely against logic. You are wrong if you think that you can convince a woman with logic, you can reason with her, but not impressed. Romantic men influence their women with their actions and beautiful words.

2.  Don’t be afraid to learn

You can learn how to be romantic. There are many books, movies and TV series about love. They are a nearly limitless source of examples of romantic behavior. If you don’t have time for reading books, then you may try to google. This process will take a lot of your time, but it pays off.

3. Understand your woman

Women are different. Therefore, what one will consider romantic, the other will not be regarded as such. It all depends on the set of those fairy tales about love and relationships that young ladies have learned since childhood. You must know what your single brides considers to be romantic. It is crucial to act in accordance with her ideas.

4. Support your words with actions

You are not going to be successful with women, if only you say and do nothing. Words must accompany the action. Moreover, the actions should also be romantic, show that this is only for her, since she is the one for you. A standard set of ideas will help you. Generally, you should not dwell on it, but it will do at the beginning. Restaurant, candles, slow music, a walk under the moonlight (holding hands), with talks, talks, and talks

5. Listen to her

You must understand that romantic behavior goes from feelings. The best way to express them is to talk about them. During your conversations, you must be attentive to her. Remember, what may not seem romantic to you feels very romantic to her. Girls love when their men listen to them very attentively.

6. Small pleasant accidents

Small spontaneous gifts are very romantic. It doesn’t have to be something very expensive. For example, a flower or when you walk along the street and see a hairy monster stuffed with cotton wool on the counter, in its interpretation of a “cute, fluffy bear,” buy it and give it to her. She will sleep with it or put it in a prominent place and will remember your romantic gift.

7. Evolve Your romantic actions should never repeat too often. Repetition completely kills all romantic atmosphere. Yes, it is very hard to create something completely new, but there is a trick. You can use the same idea but in a different setting. For example, you used to read poems in the park, then try to read them on the roof of a skyscraper.

5 Minutes With Karla L. Anderson

Welcome to the new “5 Minutes Podcast” on St. Clair Shores Patch and St. Clair Shores Radio. This new series will feature 5 minute audio interviews with interesting people from in and around the city of St. Clair Shores.

On this inaugural edition of the podcast, my guest is Karla L. Anderson, the President of South Lake Schools Board of Education. (Full disclosure: Mrs. Anderson is my mom.)

Topics discussed include what’s new at South Lake this school year, a new millage proposal from the Macomb Intermediate School District, and reflections on her lost campaign for Mayor of St. Clair Shores.

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New Partnership / Podcast Series With Patch!

Hello Everybody!

After a very long hiatus the time has come to return. This time, I return with some exciting news. St. Clair Shores Radio is partnering up with SCS Patch! What is Patch? It’s a local news website created by AOL to provide local content to readers.

What will I be doing? What I’ve always done, audio podcasts!

The current plan is to create a new series of podcasts for Patch. We’re calling this podcast series, “5 Minutes.” The focus will be interviewing interesting people from in and around the city of St. Clair Shores for approximately 5 minutes regarding whatever makes them worth talking to.

In addition to posting the podcasts on Patch, I’ll also be posting them here for your listening pleasure. On occasion I’ll also post extended versions of the 5 minute interviews here. This new series will take the place of the St. Clair Shores Radio podcast since this new podcast will be my focus after any regular work commitments.

I’m excited about this new opportunity, and hope you will come to enjoy it as much as the previous St. Clair Shores Radio podcast series.

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Show 23 – From The Island


From Harsen’s Island it’s show 23 of St. Clair Shores Radio. It’s our first show back in a long time. Hopefully now that things are done at Oakland University we’ll be doing shows more regularly. Hopefully at least two a month.

Show Notes – Show 23
Local News: 
St. Clair Shores has a new police chief, Fisher Dynamics comes to the city, and the Fireworks return on June 25th.

Song: Brother Love – “Summertime”

Intervew: Mayor Pro-Tem Dave Rubello calls in to discuss the latest happenings on City Council. We last spoke with Dave over 3 years ago when he was running for council.

Song: Marc Doiron – “Living For The Moment”

Interview: Resident Justin Martin tells us how Miss and Miss Teen St. Clair Shores fared in the Miss Michigan Pageant over the weekend in Muskegon.

Song: Robo Robb – “Footwork”

I Have A Name!

I am happy to announce that I have been officially notified by the State that I have a registered company name.

Drum Roll Please…. And the new name of my production company is…

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While I now have a name, the hiatus of the show will still continue while I do a few more things to prepare for owning my own company.

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A (Very Brief) Hiatus

Hi Everyone!

Please bear with me, I know this is a lengthy post.

Since I’ve noticed it’s been a few weeks since I last posted a show, I figured it was time I gave everyone an update on things going on behind the scenes here at St. Clair Shores Radio.

First off, I am proud to announce that I have decided to setup and launch my own production company.

As of today, I have filled out the necessary paperwork, and have sent it off to the State of Michigan for approval. Once everything is approved by the State, I should be up and running.

By starting up my own company and going legit with it, I will have my own registered name with the state, and I will also be receiving all of the tax benefits that are associated with owning my own business.

I should note, that while I have picked out a name that I hope to use as a company name, I haven’t been awarded use of that name by the state yet, so therefore I am choosing not to release that new company name publicly, until I am more that sure I have the rights to it.

Some people might already know or have an idea of what I am planning to use as my company name. If I have spoken with you personally, or if someone has already tipped you off as to what that name could be, I am asking you to please keep it to yourself until I officially make an announcement on this website, or on my official blog which can be found at

You might be asking yourself, why am I making such a big deal over the name? Well, personally I am pretty sure I could start using it, however I don’t want to do that only to find out that someone else truly owns it. I would like to wait until I have official clearance from the State before I begin using it.

So, how does this affect St. Clair Shores Radio, why am I taking a hiatus from the show, and when can you expect a new episode of St. Clair Shores Radio.

My main reason for the hiatus is concerns over copyrights, and how it applies to my show.

If you have ever listened to a full episode of St. Clair Shores Radio, you’ve most likely noticed towards the end of the show I usually have some kind of a copyright notice referring to a company. (Previously Big E Entertainment). I have since found out that Big E Entertainment is currently being used in another State outside of Michigan, so I have decided I will no longer be using that name to represent my shows. Once my new company name is registered with the State I will begin to use that one in place of Big E Entertainment. But, as I stated earlier I can’t use the new name until the State approves it.

I want to make sure that the correct copyright info is being relayed during the shows, I don’t want to end up giving out the wrong info and then end up having someone else owning the rights to my shows because I made a mistake in giving out the wrong info.

If all goes to plan, this hiatus should only last a week or two. I’ve been told it will take only 3 to 4 days for my paperwork to reach the state. I know for a fact my papers were sent out today (Friday). However, after the State receives my paperwork, I have no idea how long it will take them to process them. I can only hope that it’s not long so that I can get confirmation of my new company name and get back to doing what I do best, making new shows for you the listeners. I would like to personally thank you, the listeners for your patience during this process. I am quite excited about this new company, and the unlimited possibilities that come with owning it.

As a way of saying thanks, I will be doing some tweaking to the format of St. Clair Shores Radio, to improve the content and quality of the shows. You should notice some of these changes once I begin to create new shows.

If you have some comments you would like to share with me on what you would like to see happen with the show. I am always open to new suggestions as well as constructive criticism about the show.

Thanks again for your patience, I hope to be back on the air as soon as possible.

Erik Anderson
Executive Producer and Host
St. Clair Shores Radio

Show #5!

We’re back! Sorry for the absence but here’s the new show! Hope ya’ll dig it. Next week is the Japanese Hardcore theme show… all Japanese shit… all fast and brutal. Enjoy this week’s show and be sure to tune in next time!

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