5 women “flaws” that men like so much

We always used to believe that our flaws are something that drags us down. But it is not always true. Have you ever thought that there are several shortcomings that make women more attractive in the eyes of men? And you just need to relax and learn to afford these little charming “flaws.” Read our article to learn more.

  1. Reasonable laziness

Sometimes women wash all the dishes, then the floors, cook dinner for three days, check the lessons with the son, iron all the clothes, while the beloved husband lies imposingly on the couch and watches his favorite football. Taking care of the household is wonderful. And this is exactly what mothers at home and teachers used to teach us. But things have changed. Nowadays if you lie on the sofa with your husband the whole day in front of the television screen, no one will blame you. Reasonable laziness will add a feminine charm, which is so impressive to many men.

2. Good appetite

In their pursuit of good physical condition, women completely forgot how to enjoy food. And, as the classic said: “nothing brings you closer than cooking and eating food together.” For someone, it will be a surprise, but men don’t like when girls don’t eat on dates. They like their women to enjoy food. Especially a women’s appetite pleases a man when it comes to food prepared by them.

  • Easy fullness

This is the most pleasant news for girls for man who are not only excellent housewives but also in terms of appearance strive for the Hollywood ideal. Hollywood and gloss magazines created a beautiful picture, but it is too far and alienated from common people. After all, no one wants to see Angelina Jolie at home in full dress. According to the men we interviewed, they want to see a woman close-fitting, but a little soft, with pleasant roundness and hollows. So do not get mad at a couple of extra pounds. One benefit from them.

  • Light sloppiness

A girl should be neat; we are taught to this from childhood. Until recent times this statement seemed irreversible. And cinema has only reinforced this idea. Looking at the Hollywood beauties, they convince us again and again that even in a home environment, with our husbands, our hairstyle, clothes, manicure, and other attributes of femininity should be ideal. Surprisingly, it is this ideality that creates a kind of alienation. The lack of makeup and a cute washed-in t-shirt with a lion cub gives comfort to a woman. Moreover, such an appearance to many men seems incredibly attractive, and even erotic.

  • light-mindedness

Many people mistakenly believe that a good mother, girlfriend, or wife is “determined” in many ways by a serious attitude to life. Daily worries, money issues, and other affairs require a woman to be able to concentrate, systematize existing problems, and outline ways to solve them. Just as men stopped climbing into the windows of their beloved girls, women almost forgot how to fool around. We stopped walking under the moon, we don’t go to the cinema for the last show, and don’t eat pizza at night or midnight. But it is completely wrong! Excessive seriousness turns us into strict teachers. No one likes it.