Show #5!

We’re back! Sorry for the absence but here’s the new show! Hope ya’ll dig it. Next week is the Japanese Hardcore theme show… all Japanese shit… all fast and brutal. Enjoy this week’s show and be sure to tune in next time!

Youth of Today – Flame Still Burns
Ruination – Sacrifice Not Suicide
Stupids – I Scream Inside
Concrete Sox – We’re Not Jealous
Extreme Noise Terror – Just Think About It
Active Minds – Walking Billboards
Kitchener – Right to Choose
Fury – Circle of Lies
Dissent – Run & Hide
Toxik Ephex – It’s Your World
Christ On A Crutch – Sleep of Reason/Caveat Emptor
Reason of Insanity – Possession Obsession
Hero Dishonest – Cut the Crap
Crucial Section – Gete Way